ADT Alarm vs Ring – Which Home Security System Is Best For You?

ADT alarmDid you know that home break-ins happen about every 26 seconds? These crimes cost homeowners an average of $2,800. Without a home security system, you could become a part of this statistic as well.

If you’re looking for a home alarm system, you should know what’s best for you. Keep reading to see the difference between Ring and ADT alarms.

ADT Alarm

ADT is the top home security system and monitoring company in America. They offer unique services that set them apart from the competition. Here is an overview of some of those features, ADT security systems’ pros and cons, and a rundown.


ADT security services offer basic and advanced home systems. Some of the features of the basic system are:

  • Alarm monitoring 24/7
  • A digital keypad
  • Wireless remote keychain
  • Motion sensors
  • Intrusion detection
  • Optional monitoring for carbon monoxide and flood
  • A touchscreen keypad option
  • Voice control integration
  • Window and door sensors
  • A high-decibel alarm

The basic package is best for those who don’t feel the need for extra smart home technology, like live video surveillance. However, just because you don’t have access to the footage of your home, that doesn’t mean you’re compromising safety. If any of the sensors are triggered, an operator at one of ADT’s monitoring facilities will contact you (and emergency services, if needed).

For extra protection, there is ADT’s smart home package.

ADT Smart Home

The ADT smart home security package comes with everything included above and more. Additional features are:

  • Access to the ADT mobile app
  • Remote access/control of lights, locks, and thermostats, doors, video cameras, and security system

The next and final tier is the complete package.

ADT Complete

Additional options are available to you if you choose ADT’s top tier security system package. It includes everything mentioned, as well as:

  • Live video monitoring from your smartphone or computer
  • Storage of video surveillance clips
  • Additional equipment

All ADT plans come with signs and stickers for your front yard and windows so you can advertise that your home is monitored and secured by one of the world’s best security services. ADT customers also receive installation, repairs, and service by experienced, licensed alarm technicians.


Now that we’ve outlined what ADT has to offer, it’s time to discuss the pros. Among other reasons, ADT home security is a smart choice. Rather than paying upfront for the camera, sensors, keypad, etc., all at once, you can earn the system by signing a two-year agreement (in Califonia) and you own the equipment after the two-year contract is fulfilled.

ADT has been around since 1874 and it would seem that they have perfected its services. The equipment is monitored and installed by professionals. You can have your whole system installed safely and custom-designed. ADT even offers limited extended warranties to protect the lifespan of your system.

ADT offers peace of mind with their round-the-clock monitoring available at every level and quick response times. If a sensor is tripped, you’ll be contacted immediately by an ADT professional.


The costs aren’t always transparent when signing up with an ADT representative but with Direct Protection, you will know the costs before we come out to your home. The standard contract length is 24-months (in California), which may be seen as a downside for homeowners not looking for a long term investment. Canceling this contract early will come with a fee.

Professional installation is a great feature, but it’s not free. Despite the higher cost, ADT has millions of loyal customers who rely on their services. You can talk to an ADT authorized representative to answer any questions you may have.


ADT has over 140 years of experience in this industry and has proven itself trustworthy. When considering a home security system, ADT is a great choice for perimeter-wide safety.


New to the home security scene is Ring. Starting in 2013, Ring made it their mission to protect homes, connect neighbors, and make neighborhoods safer places to live. Below are some features of Ring; and a rundown of pros and cons.


Ring offers many different video doorbells and home security technology. The original Ring Video Doorbell has the following features:

  • HD video and audio footage of your front door (or wherever it’s placed)
  • Motion detection
  • Installation that you will need to do on your own
  • Real-time customizable notifications
  • Safety alerts from your community and law enforcement
  • Access via mobile phone or computer

Ring also offers more advanced options.

Ring Doorbell Pro

A few steps up is the Ring Doorbell Pro. This offers the same aspects mentioned above and:

  • Two-way audio
  • Infrared vision for nighttime
  • Changeable faceplates
  • The ability to record videos and capture photos to share and review with the Ring community under the Ring Protect Plan

It is faster and more versatile than its original counterpart. Here are some pros of Ring security systems overall.


Compared to traditional security systems, the cost of Ring is pretty low. They also offer financing options for those who qualify. Some of the features Ring offers may work regardless of whether you subscribe to a subscription plan.

Ring does not require you to sign a contract when you enroll. As a monthly paying customer, you can share videos and photos with your Ring community. It is a forum to talk to your neighbors (who are also Ring customers) about crime and safety in your area.


Ring has 24/7 video monitoring, but only if you subscribe to their security plans’ highest tier.

The battery life on devices leaves much to be desired. You need a strong Wi-Fi connection for optimal use. Ring doorbells also don’t offer the same service across different smart devices like Amazon’s Alexa, as ADT does.


Ring security systems are not as high tech as ADT’s security systems. They offer fair security for a low price; however, it’s far from comprehensive. New types of surveillance have been added to their catalog, but Ring is not the best choice for advanced monitored home security.

ADT Alarm vs. Ring: Which Is Best For You?

Now that you know the difference between the ADT alarm and Ring alarm systems, you can make an informed decision. ADT offers expansive technology with many options all done by a professional. The Ring alarm system is ideal for the “do-it-yourselfer”.

If you’re interested in talking to a professional about installing a home security system, give me a call today!

Post by Ryan Sharp

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