Top Things to Do After an ADT Home Security System Installation


ADT home security systemSecurity is second to none.

Nearly four million household robberies occur every year. Millions of more home invasions occur. You can suffer a home invasion at any moment, even while you’re at home.

Installing a security system is one of the best ways to protect yourself. It connects you to a national organization that specializes in safety. It gives you immediate protection and warning when a break-in occurs.

But security systems are not magic bullets. Once they’re installed, you have to take a few additional steps. Here is a quick guide on what to do after you install an ADT home security system.

Verify an Alarm Permit

Many major cities require you to have an alarm permit. Some systems can trigger a false alarm, which diverts police and medical attention.

An alarm permit informs the police of which houses have alarms, allowing them to adjust their responses. A permit also holds the homeowner accountable for false responses. Some permits allow you a few false alarms before the permit expires.

Get an alarm permit as soon as you install your system. You will need to pay a filing fee, but nearly all fees are small. You may need to provide emergency contacts, so have other people’s information on hand.

Clear your home of anything that can cause a false alarm. If you have large dogs, make sure your system utilizes door sensors. Dogs can trigger motion or sound detectors.

Change your batteries on a regular basis. Report any defects in your system to ADT and your local installer. Undercharged or defective equipment can trigger a false alarm without notifying you.

Set Up Your Accounts

You should set up a account. An account allows you to pay bills and connect your security camera online.

You can also receive additional support for your security system. If you need to change your contact information, you can do so through the website.

You can access your account through a web browser or mobile app. Update your information whenever you change cell phones or credit cards. Pay your monthly service payments online for quick processing.

Many home insurers require or ask their customers to install security. Notify your insurer that you have installed a security system. Set up an account with them so they can track your home system.

You should add ADT’s number to your contacts. If you hired a private company to install your systems, you should also keep their information. Contact them if your system detects an alert, including after false alarms.

If you refer ADT to one of your friends, you can receive a discount or rebate check. Suggest ADT once you have your system up and going. Make sure your friends reference you when they sign up.

Test Your ADT Home Security System

Your ADT home security systems equipment is dynamic. The alarm can set itself, schedule lights to turn on, and check the temperature. But you need to keep your eye on it.

Test your system once a month. Call ADT at their toll-free number and tell them you want to run a test. Specify a time so they know not to send the police your way.

During a test, your alarms and lights will trigger. They will activate in your home and send signals to ADT.

Practice evacuating and/or staying-in-place when they trigger. Inform your family of certain tests in advance and have surprise tests. This will keep your family aware of what to do in an emergency.

Check every part of your system, including cameras and control panels. Check in with your neighbors to make sure they don’t call the police if they hear sirens.

Practice arming and disarming your system. You may need a password to do so. Pick a password that you can remember but that others cannot guess.

Notify your family members about the difference between arming and disarming. Tell your guests about your system so they don’t trigger it.

Practice Additional Measures

Your ADT home security alarm system promotes your security. But it is not enough on its own. You need to practice some additional measures.

Run evacuation and security drills at least once a year. Practice what to do in the event of a fire and break-in.

Do not tell anyone your ADT home security system information. Avoid writing it down or sending it in an email. Use mnemonics and memory aids until everyone in the household remembers the system information.

Sixty-five percent of robbers who use violence are known to their victims. Avoid sharing information about your security or presence in your home. Do not post on social media that you are on vacation until you return home.

Consider installing exterior lights and security doors. If you don’t have a dog, consider getting one.

Be alert of visitors to your home. Never open your door at night, and do not admit any unexpected visitors. Avoid going out at night or going into high-crime areas.

If you ever get a bad feeling while in your home, address it as soon as possible. Leave your home or secure yourself in a room.

Get an ADT Complete Home Security System

Your security and safety are your top two priorities. Getting an ADT home security system is a great way to keep yourself safe. But don’t just set it and forget it.

Get an alarm permit to notify your city about your new system. Set up a account and keep your information updated. Practice with your system, and follow through on additional measures like installing exterior lighting.

For the most convenience, go to a local alarm installation company. Direct Protection is San Jose’s leading ADT system installer. Contact us online today, or call us at 408-835-3778.

Post by Ryan Sharp

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