Professional ADT Installation: What to Expect

adt installationDid you know that victims of burglary offenses suffer around $3.4 billion in property losses every year? Most burglary offenses are at residential properties. If you fear getting your assets taken and want to stay protected in your home, it is important to have a security system.

It’s time to get a professional ADT installation. Read on to learn about what to expect during the process.

Appointment Time

ADT installation times vary depending on the size of the home. Generally, ADT technicians will come between a two-hour window. If this time can no longer be met, technicians will give you a call to keep you updated.

If you don’t have a lot of flexible time throughout the day, technicians will try to make accommodations for you.

What to Expect During Home Security System Installation

Once the technician arrives at your home, they will go through the professional ADT installation process with you. You will both go over the order and verify where the equipment will be placed. There will be a walkthrough of the home to go over the specific areas that need protection.

If you want additional protection for your order, you can ask your technician about it. In general, it is important to ask the technician about any questions you have before the installation begins.

The technicians will give you potential upgrade options that make sense for your home and your situation.

A technician will have extra security equipment on hand if you decide you want additional protection. Sometimes it’s a good idea to see what the devices look like before you get them installed.

Installation Time

After understanding the home security installation process, you are probably wondering how long the installation will actually take. It takes a long time for each installation depending on the type of system and the size of the home. For example, a really big home security system may take days to install.

The basic time estimate is 5 hours for a standard wireless security system. For a hard-wired security system, a good estimate would be eight hours. That estimate includes the time it takes to demonstrate the new system.

If you are having more than 20 devices installed into your home, it is safe to add an hour to the general time estimate. For over 35 devices, add an additional three hours.

A Demonstration

When complete, a demonstration takes about 20 minutes. The technician will go through the basics, including how to disarm and arm and show you the emergency buttons.

You will have access to videos that can show you how to do things if you end up forgetting anything from the demonstration. If there are others in your home that will be using the system regularly, they should also be present for the training.

Be sure to get any questions out of the way that you may not understand about your system. The technician can also demonstrate how to use the app so you won’t have to figure it out on your own.

Maintenance and Inspections

After the ADT installation process is completed, maintenance is required to keep the system up to date and in good shape. A technician will always be available to answer questions or provide service within the next few days.

Through an inspection program, your system will be sure to work around the clock. When regular tests are run, minor issues can be caught before they turn into major problems.

Technicians can work with you to create an inspection schedule that fits your needs.

ADT Installation Explained

A home security specialist will put your best interest in mind when installing your system and demonstrating it to you. When you have an ADT security system installed by a professional, you can rest easy knowing you and your assets are protected. An ADT authorized dealer is your best bet for proper ADT installation.

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Post by Ryan Sharp

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