Top Reasons Why It’s Always Better to Hire Professional ADT Installers

adt installersProtecting your family and home is a top priority on everyone’s list. Home security systems are on the rise and with innovative and emerging technology, this trend will likely continue.

In addition to the type of system and best features, the next biggest question is who will install it. There are certainly DIY systems available, and for extremely tech-savvy individuals, they may wish to attempt it.

However, with the safety of your family at stake, it is always the better choice to have professional ADT installers put in the system.

Here are the top reasons not to attempt a DIY security system install.

How Does a Home Security System Work

In simple terms, a home security system monitors entry points into the home. This is usually all doors and easy-access windows. Sensors are positioned at specific points and if these are ever triggered, an alarm will go off.

The components include a control panel which is basically command central. It is there the system turns on and off using passcodes, voice commands, or even wireless key fobs. This control panel also communicates with the monitoring company when an alarm goes off.

The sensors are a two-part system and installed at all necessary entry points. When closed, they form a closed circuit. If something, or someone, opens the circuit, a loud alarm sounds and the monitoring company is alerted.

Security cameras are also a part of the overall system. These are placed after an assessment from your ADT alarm installation tech. These cameras are programmed into smartphones and computers so the owner has visible confirmation of all surrounding activities.

Motion sensors are available for additional security in sensitive areas in or around the home. As soon as the area is breached, the alarm will sound. In addition, window decals and yard signs are provided so anyone considering breaking into a home will know not to hit yours.

If you are unsure which options to purchase, here is the complete guide to choosing the best security system.

Why DIY Home Security Is Risky

Many people love to try and do things on their own today. With instructional videos for just about any project, it is tempting to just try your hand before paying someone else to do it.

The problem comes when the protection of your family is at stake. Home security systems are not the place to start for a DIY project and here’s why.

Choosing the Right Features

You think you know what you need, but with so many advances in today’s home security, it really is to your advantage to have a professional assess the current need.

The last thing you want is to install a sub-par system and not truly feel safe.

Being Comfortable With the Installation

Your new home security system is only as good as the installation.

With all the technology involved, it takes someone with experience to properly get all the components up and running and talking to each other.

Yes, there is a fee involved when working with an ADT professional, but it is definitely worth the ADT installation cost to rest peacefully and know your family is safe.

Monitoring Not Included

The fine print is very important with DIY security systems because not all of them connect to a monitoring service.

This means, in the event an alarm is triggered, it will be up to you to contact the necessary authorities to assist you. In the middle of an emergency, that could be next to impossible.

What About Repairs

There is a saying that goes, if you buy it, you own it. What this means for a home security system is if you decide to go it alone, you are responsible for any issues or repairs.

Even if installing the system didn’t seem difficult, it must remain in good working condition in order to properly protect your home.

Professional ADT Installers Are the Best Bet

There is no question that going with experienced professionals who know how to install ADT security systems is your best bet. Need proof?

More Effective

Because your new ADT home security is designed and professionally installed, you know it will be highly effective.

The system will integrate with your current smoke or carbon monoxide detectors or other equipment in the home like a smart thermostat. It will also cover a larger area and provide protection for the entire property and not just a few rooms.

Better Quality

Don’t trust your family with a DIY system from a company you have never heard of. Choose to partner with a reputable company with a proven track record for safety and reliability.

An ADT system not only provides high quality equipment, but also outstanding monitoring and customer service.

Consistent and Dependable Monitoring

Sounding the alarm is only the first step when someone breaks into your home or threatens your family. This must be followed by help from the authorities.

The monitoring system with an ADT home security system comes with the assurance that someone is on the other side getting help on the way. They will attempt to contact you directly. If it was a false alarm, they will disable the alarm.

However, if it is an actual emergency, they will dispatch emergency personnel to the home and stay on the line with you if possible until help has arrived. If they cannot get through to you, they will continue to send police, firefighters, or paramedics to your home.

Service After Installation

Modern home security systems rely heavily on wireless technology. As such, the maintenance and all repairs can be tricky for anyone without that kind of experience.

With ADT, you can depend on not only a reliable system but also service after the sale. The company is dedicated to keeping your family safe and their reputation intact.

Best Protection Available

The safety of your family and home is something you will never compromise on.

A home security system backed by professional ADT installers is the best protection available for your loved ones.

I am your home security expert. Reach out to me today and we will get together a plan specifically for you.

Post by Ryan Sharp

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