ADT False Alarms: Why They Happen and How to Prevent Them

adt false alarmsYou get an alarm system to help protect you, but what happens when false alarms make it more of a hassle than help?

ADT false alarms are all too common. The causes range from wandering pets to faulty equipment.

However, the consequences of triggering a false alarm are costly. Not only for you but your community. They waste valuable police presence and can result in fines for yourself.

Don’t lose faith in your alarm system yet. Take a look at these common causes for false alarms on your ADT system.

User Error

ADT states that approximately 85% of false alarms are caused by user error. An example of such user error could be not knowing the proper code to turn the alarm off.

To keep common user error from costing you, start by ensuring that anyone who has access to your house knows that you have an alarm system. Make it clear that they should not enter your house or try to enter your house unless they know the proper code and have practiced turning it off before.

If you allow someone other than yourself and your immediate family to enter your home when you’re not there, ensure you trust them to have this code and access to your space.

Make sure that everybody is ready to leave the building or already outside of it when you set the alarm.

Most systems won’t allow you to set the alarm until the doors and windows are completely closed.

Even if you think all doors and windows are closed, make sure latches have clicked and they are secured before you try to leave. A burst of wind or change in pressure can make doors that seem closed drift open.

Avoid letting these small mistakes cost you before setting your alarm!

Poor Installation

Whether you tried to save money by installing your security system yourself or the guys you hired weren’t qualified, a poor installation job is a fast track to a false alarm. When you have your ADT system installed by amateurs, motion sensors may be misplaced, and the system might not be installed up to the manufacturer’s standards.

When you purchase an ADT system, hire qualified professionals like the experts at Direct Protection. Only ADT Authorized Dealers are qualified and trained in installing ADT systems up to standard.

Not only does poor installation put you at risk of triggering false alarms, but it can also put your safety, your home, and your belongings in jeopardy.

Don’t trust your life to people who aren’t approved to install your security system, trust people who know the process inside and out. Experts at Direct Protection are skilled and know your local area best. They understand the importance of feeling safe in your home because they live in Brentwood, Antioch, Pittsburg, Tracy, Oakley, or Stockton, California homes too!

Triggered Motion Sensor

When items in your home come in contact with the motion detector, it can trigger your alarm. It might be a wandering pet, a bug, or even a curtain blowing. Whatever it may be, these small issues can cause hefty fines.

You never want to be that person who accidentally triggered a false alarm on your security system, especially when it’s from something as silly as your AC making a stray party balloon drift in front of your sensors.

However, there are security system options that don’t activate based on indoor motion; these are good for people who have pets in their house. There are also options only to trigger your alarm when activity occurs at a certain height. That way, small dogs or cats can’t set it off.

If you still want an indoor motion detector, make sure you have it properly installed. These false alarms can be even more common if the motion detector isn’t set up correctly.

Faulty Equipment

Poor installation can also cause faulty equipment. If your security system equipment isn’t performing as it should, that puts you and your family’s safety at risk.

It could be a motion detector that wasn’t connected the right way, a panel that wasn’t set up properly, or a piece of technology that wasn’t tested before your installer left your house. A reputable ADT installer will ensure all parts of your security system are functioning as they should before they leave you with your system.

If your system seems to be failing or not performing up to the manufacturer’s standards over time, then this is also a problem. You might not even notice a problem until a false alarm has been set off. This is why it’s important to have your devices checked regularly.

Schedule maintenance on any parts of your system you suspect may not be working properly, and have them repaired or disconnected ASAP if you find any problems.

Don’t Trigger ADT False Alarms

ADT false alarms waste police and emergency resources. Make sure those are available to you when you need them most by not letting your ADT security system create a false alarm.

But these common causes of home security false alarms shouldn’t deter you from wanting to protect your home. If anything, you should feel safer knowing that you can avoid triggering your alarm unless there is a real danger.

For expert installation services of your ADT alarm system, trust the professionals at Direct Protection! As an ADT Authorized Dealer, we can help you stay safe and avoid false alarms on home security system devices. Contact us for a quote or questions about ADT alarm installation today!

Post by Ryan Sharp

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